The World has more crops, but uses less.

With the increasing number of cooking methods and food varieties, we think we have had all types of food crops in our food. Well, the thing is we Haven’t had everything yet. The world has more food crops that are used rarely than the ones in current production.

The world population usually consumes same or recurrent food crops and the production also follows the same pattern. So, is it important to change the food crops over the period of time? Well not compulsorily. The food crops should be changed according to the food pattern and the production capability. The food habit of the humans should be changed to make the food crop changes to happen.

The food crop production usually depend on the consumer demands and cultivation possibilities. For example, even with more consumers in the world Coffee cannot be planted everywhere in the world. These types of reasons make the crop cultivation option very less. The soil type and the nutrient content determine which type of crop could be grown in it.

The cyclic food crop would yield better cash value and increased production rate. It would also make the food availability more easier and make the need of the consumer fulfilled. They may also have negative impacts like consuming selected nutrient from the soil continuously. This will make the soil lose its nutrient value and the need for chemical fertilizers are increased. The recurring food crops may also reduce the practice of other crop cultivation.

The Sugarcane is the most produced crop in the world. This because of the higher demand of sugar around the world. In this way the crop production choice is based on the demand.The recurrent production of same food crops would be due to the cash crops. With higher consumers in the world cash crops like rice, wheat are produced more than the other crops.

The most produced food crops in the world are Rice, Wheat, Corn ,potatoes, Soybeans. The barley and cassava comes next to these crops. The other crops also include the coffee, spices, cocoa and tea.The food crops are the ones cultivated more periodically.

The crops other than the food crops cultivated more are cotton, jute etc. The crops are being planted in a pattern according to the rainfall and other climatic conditions. With the current production, the recurrent crops don’t seem to have any problem in production.

The Regular crops should be encouraged in every place to keep the local cultivation habits alive and produce more in numbers with the local climatic conditions.

The local crops are becoming less cultivated due to the demand of other crops. Even in these conditions there would always be a choice of crop production. This choice should be considered carefully according to both manual and natural factors.

The crop choice should be considered from the regular ones because they have the best suitability to both the soil and climatic conditions. The change of crop options due to demand may make the practice of the local crop growth to go extinct and could also make the production value low. Due to their presence in the region for longer time, they could tend to adapt for various climate conditions and produce better output value.

Forgetting many crop options and types could also be due to many unavoidable reasons. But keeping a local crop option alive is always best for the local farming. Choosing more healthier food and crop option should always be considered to keep them from becoming extinct.

So, even with more crop options we are only embracing very few and this must be changed at least in the local crops to have more crop options in the future.



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