Too much or Too little of Digital screens.

karthik Arulraj
3 min readDec 3, 2020


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From the time of invention, digital screens have always been an unavoidable entity in our life. The screens have also transitioned from optional to mandatory part of our life. With the changes and recent developments in digital world, the part of digital screens in our life has increased immensely.

Screen time is usually associated with the kids and their mind. But the thing is screen time also affects the adults more than the kids. They tend to inhibit the behavior and change daily activity pattern.

The main effect of screen time would be the digital stress. The digital stress usually affect the teens. The digital stress could lead to more serious problems in the future if not looked after properly in the beginning. The main reason for not avoiding the screen time would be the current way of life with screens involved both personally and professionally.

“With the emerging new career options that involve digital screens, screen time has gone way higher than the past”

The new age professions mostly involve digital screens and this makes the screen time way higher than normal. The regular activities of the day also involve use of digital devices. The better and improved internet experience along with more social media applications make people more inclined towards the usage of digital devices and increasing the screen time very abruptly.

Another reason for the more screen time would be looking at it very seriously. The way we look towards the screen time would be the reason why we can’t limit it. The social life of teens and early adults now a days are more happening on the screens rather than personally. They tend to involve more in the social media than meeting persons personally.

we know that screen time is not all bad. Screen time could also make the works more productive and social interactions very easy. So, the only thing we could do about limiting screen time would be balancing the screen time and personal time in the best way. Some of the ways to do this would be,

Digital detox :

As the name indicates the best way to limit the screen time would be limiting the usage of the digital devices in our life. Once we reduce the usage of digital devices the screen time reduces abruptly in our life. Start by making the usage time reduced by minutes and moving on to hours. This is could be a difficult process but would be highly rewarding if followed properly.

Developing Alternate habits :

Developing more habits can change our digital device usage pattern. Entertainment with screen time could be changed to alternate ways. Change the hobbies to a healthier option. The more friendly hobbies would be,

  • Reading books.
  • Indoor or Outdoor games.
  • Traveling new places.
  • Learning new skill or developing a current skill.

Exercise :

People will tend to be more athletic and more attracted to outdoor games if exercise is done regularly. So exercising regularly may tend to reduce the screen time. It also reduces the stress and keep the mind healthy. It also shifts the interest to fitness which could be more positive to both body and mind.

So these methods could be done along with the regular work along the day without any special efforts. Relying mostly on the internet and digital devices for everything could also make our learning and exploring options very less. Even with more information available online we should encourage the personal experience more so that we don’t completely become digital dependent.

The screen time reduction can be beneficial to our health in both physical and mental aspects. The screen time should be reduced from the current generation. This would make the future generation to reduce the screen time more. We should embrace the better things happening around us and interact more in the real world than keeping immersed in digital life.



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